Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm reading: Happy New Year!Tweet this!

2013 was a pretty good year with highlights including our youngest son's bar mitzvah, the adoption of our puppy, and a fabulous anniversary trip (even though the government conspired against us), but I feel compelled to focus on achieving more personally and professionally in 2014.

The other day I read an inspiring Facebook update and thought, "Yes! I can do more! I can be more!" and then I cleaned up a bunch of dog poop in our frozen yard (apparently I'm the only one who can see the piles) and then I came inside to find a clogged toilet containing the scatological equivalent of a virgin birth (i.e. a poop that no one in the family claims to have deposited), and so, I don't know. Maybe 2014 is another year of maintaining and going with the flow. Or should I say plunging and going with the flow?


So should I be fabulous in 2014 or do I simply my act together for the next five years until both boys are out of the house?

At least one member of our house is fabulous:

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Onica MommyFactor said...

which ever one you decide, wishing you a happy New Year!