Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three Future Food Trends

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Yes, I'm calling these three food trends, but because I'm so far ahead of my time, I don't expect them to be thangs for another 3-5 years. Still, I want to get these down so Future Kim will be able to gloat, "I called it back in 2014!" Of course if all goes according to plan, Future Kim's children will be off at college in five years and left with an agreeable dog (and without eye-rolling teens around) she may no longer feel the need to prove that she sometimes Gets. Things. Right.

Three Food Trends that are Going To Make It Big

1. Probiotics
Some might argue that this is already a thing, but I think Americans are only at the beginning of our love affair with probiotics. As science reveals more about microbes and the importance the little bugs in our gut (and on our skin, etc.), this category will explode.

2. Kefir for Dogs
Yes, kefir is a probiotic food, but no, I'm not cheating. People can and do give their dogs yogurt and kefir, but according to Google no one is marketing a kefir (or yogurt) just for dogs yet. This could be big, but perhaps not for the first one to market. It makes the most sense as an offshoot of the brand(s) that already have refrigerated products in the pet store. I suspect these cool sections will grow in size and number over time.

3. Actual Bugs
The thought of eating creepy crawly critters may give the average American jitters, but within 20 years, we'll join the rest of the world* and incorporate insect proteins into our diet (people with shellfish allergies beware). Compared to our typical sources of animal protein- chickens, cows, and pigs- insects are easy to farm and are less damaging to the earth. Now, I think we're more than 20 years away from sitting down to eat a big old bowl of earthworms, but people will warm to flours and other forms that make the insects less obvious, ahem. Chocolate chirp ice cream and bugelach for dessert, anyone?

*Just one of the fun facts I've learned as this year's Entomology coach for Science Olympiad.

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Jen said...

Already on the probiotics bandwagon. ;)