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Capannari's: One of Chicago's Top Ice Cream Shops

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Late last year I walked away from a Chicagonista blogger event with truly sweet swag that included a $20 gift card to Mount Prospect's famed Capannari's ice cream. Back then the ice cream shop was closed for the season, which was a good call on management's part. Who wants ice cream during one of Chicago's worst winters ever?

This past hot and sunny weekend when sifting through my stash of gift cards and (expired) coupons. I came across the Capannari's card. And then I found another one!

Yesterday around brunchtime, I quickly emailed a hyperlocal group of friends inviting them for a spontaneous mom's night out, my treat.

Lessons learned:

  • Not all of my friends check their email often enough to respond to an event that is just hours away from occurring.
  • My friends are generally not a spontaneous lot.
In the end only three of us went for ice cream, so I treated everyone to a take-home pint as well as a scoop. Had I known just how sweet, creamy, and desirable Capannari's ice cream is, I might have been a bit less generous.

Kidding. I was glad to share my bounty. Plus Capannari's is far enough away that a return trip would only happen with some thought. Our typical ice cream splurge brings us to the nearby Chocolate Shoppe (or maybe Village Creamery or Oberweiss). 

Capannari's makes excellent ice cream. They had several unique flavors like a cherry-goat cheese and a spicy chocolate  in addition to the basics like chocolate chip and mint chip.

The shop offers an ice cream flight that allows patrons to sample several flavors in one dish. You may have seen this done with wine or beer. I'd never seen a ice cream flight before; I think it's a brilliant concept.

The flight allowed for four flavors and was served in an elongated banana split holder instead of a typical cups. If you eat your ice cream fast enough, the flavors don't melt together. I've always been slow when it comes to ice cream, but the mixing and melding toward the end of my treat didn't diminish the experience.

My flight consisted of cherry-goat cheese, chocolate peanut butter, java chip, and brownie batter. I was expecting baby-size scoops, but instead it seemed like I was given four child-sized scoops, which frankly was a bit more ice cream than I needed. But oh, so good. So decadent.

This weekend they're hosting a Brain Freeze speed-eating contest. Their ice cream is too good for devouring IMO, but they do like to have fun. Check their website for special events. Capannari's may be out of the way for you, too, but it's worth a trip. Their ice cream is some of Chicago's best.

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