Saturday, June 21, 2014

Join Me This Morning at the Farmer's Market!

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Join me this morning at the Morton Grove Farmer's Market for STEM fun with The Maker Mom and friends. Click for details--there will be giveaways!

Next week is the big pie contest, so if you're a pie maker or pie eater, you'll want to come by. Last year I entered my first contest ever. It was fun. I made my first pie sometime in my late 30s and have only made a handful since.

The market requires entrants to make two piece- one for the judges to view and taste and another that will be sliced up and sold to benefit the local food pantry. I planned to buy my whole pie to bring home for dessert, but much to my surprise a man purchased it before I had the chance to. I was a bit miffed, but also quite flattered.

Not only did I learn that I make an attractive and tasty pie, but I can now offer up the following #ProTip. Use disposable pie tins when entering a pie contest.


I doubt my pie will win this year. Indeed, I'm going to make a "cricket crust." Yeah, that's what it sounds like. If we're connected on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen pics of my "chocolate chirp" cookies featuring cricket flour. The thing is, you only substitute about 1/6 or so of the wheat flour for cricket flour, so it's no biggie. You don't even taste it, really.

In other local news, my niece and I collected tadpoles last week in the spirit of the 1970s summers that everyone seems to be raving about online. Of the four we brought home, one developed into a cute little frog (toad?), but the other three are showing developmental abnormalities. That's a nice way of saying each has a missing or incomplete limb. Disconcerting, no? I'm going to post about this on The Maker Mom blog next week, so stay tuned.

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