Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Even More College Admissions Tips

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I started blogging nearly 10 years ago when my kids were in early elementary school, so it makes sense that now college admissions is my biggest educational obsession. I like using the blog to bookmark helpful resources for myself, while at the same time sharing them with friends and readers. (Wait, isn't that what Pinterest is for?)

When I say my old friend Marsha wrote this, I mean she's really old. Okay, not really, but she's from the original network of mombloggers I connected with way back in 2007, which is like the stone ages in blogging terms. (Pinterest? Caveman blogger don't know Pinterest.)

Marsha is one of a handful of moms from that group, the first generation of Mommy Bloggers, whose kids are headed off to college this fall. The kids are almost all grown up. {sniff} In Marsha's case, they are crazy talented, too.

At any rate, Marsha recently posted an informative piece sharing 5 Secret Tips for College and I already feel my blood pressure rising wondering about the date of our district's financial aid seminar and if they will let me in to the night that is billed as being for senior parents only.

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