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Help Shot at Life Donate Vaccines and Spread the Word about Walgreens

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It's that time of year: August, Blogust. Shot at Life, a United Nations program to help vaccinate children around the world, is once again pairing up with leading bloggers to not only spread the news about the importance of vaccines, but also work with Walgreens to actually get those vaccines to needy children around the world. And here's how: for each comment a dedicated blog post receives, Walgreens will donate one vaccine, up to 60,000, through the UN and other partners.

However, even as Walgreens tackles the important role of Caring Global Citizen, the company is wrestling with big issues here on the home front. The company is said to be considering a move that will make them a bad corporate citizen here in the US: an inversion. That is, they're considering relocating their company headquarters overseas in name only in order to procure a hefty tax break here in the US.

Edited 8/6 to add: Great news! Walgreens has supposedly put an end to the inversion talk and plans to remain a US corporation!

Nearly 1/4 of Walgreens' nearly $17 billion income is derived from the US government in the form of Medicare and Medicaid patients. In addition, just a few years ago they received around $46 million from Illinois. Yet, Walgreens may undertake this move to save on their tax obligations.

Their move could cost the US government an estimated $4 billion over the first five years, not to mention what it will cost to Illinois.

A vocal, but not necessarily a majority, group of shareholders is said to be advocating for the move. The company needs to hear from stakeholders--US citizens who will be impacted by this move. Thats' where you come in.

As I mentioned, Walgreens has pledged to donate a vaccine to a child in need for each comment left as part of the Shot at Life blogger campaign. I urge you leave a comment on relevant blog posts encouraging the company to leave their headquarters here in the United States. Feel free to copy and paste from this post.

Click here to see a schedule of the Shot at Life blogger campaign. Now let's go save some lives.

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