Tuesday, September 02, 2014

So Long Summer 2014

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Summer went out with a fizzle, but DH and I took a lovely walk with the dog after dinner. The weather was pleasant- not too hot, not too cool, not too humid and the cicadas provided the quintessential summer soundtrack as we made our way through the neighborhood.

This was a summer of morning carpools as I doted on my older teen, perhaps more than I should have, but he was working hard, impressively so! Plus there was some part of me that appreciated being needed because he might only have another summer or two at home. So between driving him to school for cross country practice and summer school, going on a 2 mile (+/-) walk with the dog and showering or running to the grocery store, picking him up hanging out either at home or maybe at my parent's house for 20-30 minutes and then driving him to the train so he could go to his job in the city, my morning was spent without much to show for it (other than being an awesome mom, FWIW).

My younger guy typically rode his bike to and from school, but on the days I had to pick him up, I fell even deeper into the rabbit hole of unproductiveness even as I raised myself up a bit on the awesome mom pedestal.

My younger guy made the most of his pool pass. I didn't even bother getting one this year. I'm not needed. I did go (as an observer) to the recently renovated community pool once.

Somehow they still managed to have fun.
At any rate, lest summer feel like it flew by with nothing but a series of carpools, I bring you highlights of Summer 2014 (at least the ones I have photos of).

Oh, and maybe the biggest personal accomplishment was moving The Maker Mom over to Wordpress, even if I did hire someone to do it. Go take a look!

DH and I went to a live taping of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

Kayaking with my niece and my younger son.

We hosted a couple of backyard parties.

I entered a pie contest-mixed berry with a cricket crust.

Kayaking with my Science Olympiad team.

Prairie restoration near Chicago
Volunteered at a prairie restoration day. I was literally up to my eyeballs in weeds.

Kale chips, kale salads, lots of kale from the garden.

Bountiful garden! (Thanks to DH and lots of rain.)

Learn to play mah jong and bought a vintage set.
Participated in a Chicago Stands with Israel Rally.
Blogger Bkfst at Eli's Cheesecake. Son is wearing a Maker Mom shirt!

Late summer kayaking; the water was a bit mucky by then.
More garden veggies!
Little Pup on the Prairie.

Deer watching in the woods.

Ice cream at The Chocolate Shoppe on Devon. Freakiest theme ever.

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