Thursday, November 27, 2014

Look for Me on TV Tomorrow!

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We switch off Thanksgiving: one year with my family, one year with DH's. We can't combine because my mom typically hosts and has a whole crowd our "her people" over. It's not that we're opposed to inviting her traditional guests, it's just that her 20 + my in-laws and SIL's family put us over the top.

At any rate, this is the year to be with my in-laws and for the first time ever, we're hosting. I happily volunteered to host, but it wasn't until a few weeks later that I realized it might present a teensy conflict with the fact that I had booked a segment on the WGN Morning News to talk about top STEM gifts. Late night at home + early morning on HDTV is not a good combo for my wrinkles and eye bags.

Never fear, I cautioned DH that I'd go light on clean-up duty and head to bed early and he was supportive about that. Yeah!

Tomorrow, my younger teen and I will be on WGN at around 8:40 AM Central Time on 11/28 showing off my top STEM and tech gifts for tweens and teens. I'm showing off 6 products, all of which are pretty new to the market. Let's all say an offering to the tech gods that the bluetooth works and so do all of the tech support devices.

Even more exciting, I mean, it's exciting for me to be on TV, but it's probably less exciting to watch me, I'm going to be giving away one of each of the items I'm showing off on TV. Be sure to click over to The Maker Mom for a chance to win!

This is my third annual appearance on the sharing my top finds for the holidays. Because I keep my eye out for new products to showcase, it can take a year or two for some of the items to catch on in the mainstream. So while you're waiting for the 2014 list, be sure to check out The Maker Mom's top tech finds of 2013:

See the full list here.

My 2012 list included items like:

See the full list here.

Remember to pop over to The Maker Mom for more information.

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