Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I know things have been pretty quiet around here. You can keep up with me over at The Maker Mom blog and TMM Facebook page, where I post at least one interesting item a day, usually at 10 AM.

I'm hosting a #STEMchat this Thursday evening, 2/12, at 9 PM Eastern. Join us! We're talking engineering with a fabulous panel thanks to sponsor Georgia-Pacific. Look at the cool graphic they made for the chat.

Speaking of graphics, I'm trying to stay on trend by including more graphics in my posts. I love this quote I pulled from a recent STEM Girl Friday feature, though I might have gone a bit heavy on the pink.

And check this out: it's the fab new logo for STEM Kids Chicago. I'm building up the site in fits and starts and hope to hit my stride with it by April.

And I have a great idea for a podcast, but need to school myself on the fine art of podcasting before I jump in.

So it's not that I've disappeared, it's just that I'm elsewhere. What are you up to?