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Our Dog Reacts to Frontline Plus

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Although our dog has a stomach of steel, which is to say very little upsets it, his skin is much more sensitive. In general, his immune system is delicate, or perhaps I should say supercharged, ready to react to...stuff. Allergies have been an issue. Late last summer was an especially miserable time for him. We haven't pursued testing, but he's likely got environmental allergies.

We keep him on a grain-free diet. That is, until he gobbles down a bagel someone left too close to edge of the kitchen counter, raids the garbage can, or one of his doggie grandmas buys him treats with ingredients he's not supposed to have.

We've been using Frontline Plus for flea and tick prevention on him without incident since we first received it from his vet nearly two years ago. Two months ago we received a sample of NexGuard, a chewable "treat" put out by the same company, Merial. In April, I gave him the NexGuard to try it out. He gobbled it down with no ill effects.

In May, I gave Tesla our last remaining dose of  Frontline Plus. I was pretty eager to be done with it and move to the chewable, despite the additional expense. Tesla always tries to scratch at the area where the stinky Frontline Plus is applied, but this time it seemed to bother him more than normal.

He'd rub his neck either by going belly up on his pillow and wriggling around or scratch with his back claws. I noticed the spot where I'd applied the Frontline was looking bad.

Normally it's a bit greasy looking for a day or two, but this time the hair was matted down and looked a bit dusty. When I went in for a closer look, it was clear that something was going on underneath his matted fur, but I couldn't tell what. It looked nasty, though. Oozy and maybe infected. Tesla let me know the area was tender to the touch. I did my best to clean it off and then covered it with as much antibiotic ointment as I could.

The next day I got him in the shower and was able to gently shampoo the whole area, but I still couldn't get a good look before I covered with ointment again.

Finally, we visited the vet the day after Memorial Day. They shaved him down and cleaned him up, and did a laser treatment that they said would help heal the area. They decided to put him on antibiotics and a short course of steroids. (He also had something going on with a back paw, but I'm not sure if it was a cause or effect of the Frontline Plus, or possibly unrelated.)

Because the spot is on his neck, we couldn't cone him, but I did cut the sleeve off of an old t-shirt and used that to cover up the spot and preventing scratching while it was still raw. We also had some prescription powder on hand.
I called Frontline to make an official report on the issue. They told me that a dog can have a bad reaction to Frontline Plus at any time, even if they've used it without incident previously. Still, the company is only aware of reactions if people (or their vets) report them. So if something like this happens to your dog, be sure to call their hotline and let them know!

PS Tesla is going fine now. The area is clear and his hair is coming in.

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