Monday, June 22, 2015

What's Happening in My World

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Every now and then this blog starts to feel like a ghost town. Let me assure you I haven't gone offline, I'm just putting my words elsewhere. Well, this didn't involve a lot of words, but it did take several months of planning with a fabulous team at the Skokie Library--I co-hosted a Teen Appathon!

Inspired by my friend Debi Pfitzenmaier and her San Antonio Code Jam, I've tossed about the idea of some kind of youth coding event or challenge for a few years. Chicago already has a vibrant Scratch Day program, mostly geared at middle school students. I wanted something for a slightly old crowd.

On The Maker Mom, you can read everything you might want to know about the Teen Appathon, including tips for hosting your own, just click here. Short on time? Skip to the video in the post. It provides a nice visual summary of the day.

Speaking of videos, this one featuring Tesla is proving to be a hit.

And I did my fist "unboxing" video. Have you heard about these? It's a thing; a genre. Top unboxing YouTubers are supposedly making six figures just by posting videos of themselves opening boxes of toys and whatnot and showing off what's inside.

There's so much wrong with my video including my lighting, make-up and hairdo. For the first time in almost 25 years I've grown out my bangs and am not liking still getting used to the look. Also, people over 35 shouldn't have to broadcast themselves in HD. Then again, I guess there's no need to show my face in a true unboxing video, so maybe I'll continue on this seemingly bizarre path.

At any rate, I'm showing off the contents of a Doodle Crate, part of the Kiwi Crate Family. I'm an affiliate of their subscription box program. They have monthly maker and STEM kits designed for kids ages 3-16. I'm looking forward to making the Doodle Crafts next week with one of my nieces.

Watch and reveal the mystery craft!

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Saving For Someday said...

Sounds like an awesome reason to be a bit silent. I've loved following along on FB and watching how the Appathon turned out!