Thursday, October 26, 2017

Summer of 2017: A scrapbook

This is late and incomplete, which actually makes it a pretty good metaphor for 2017, but here's a quick recap of the summer that was. As you may note from the photos below. It was a really fun summer, a welcome and restorative respite after a really lousy first five months of the early year.

In late May/early June I took an amazing vacation out West. I posted a detailed recounting of our awesome itinerary. The trip took us to South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. DH and I are working toward seeing all 50 states together before we turn 50, which is just around the corner.

The National Parks we visited were amazing. And exciting as you can see:

Father's Day fun.

An epic pie competition. I lost the contest at the farmer's market, but I won it on social media.
Impeach pie

Learned to make lots of cool stuff at mHUB. I got skillz!

See what I read this summer by clicking here.

Someone got his wisdom teeth removed.

Another someone lived in the city and was completely self-supporting (after mom took him on the most expensive mall trip of her life) for the summer. I'm super proud of him.