Life List

I've been thinking about things I want to do, but of course, drew a blank as soon as I opened this page, which I first started in early 2013. It sat in draft until May 2014. Like me, this list is a work in progress. Like me, it's also a bit scattered. I could make organizing my life list an item on my life list, but where's the fun in that?

Domestic Travel

Done on 4/12/18! I'd like to travel to all 50 states. DH and I will both be 50 in a few years and we thought it's be fun to travel to all 50 states together by the time we turn 50. With 23 16 states to and 2 years to go, I'm not convinced we'll make it, but it's a fun goal.
States to visit include: Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina,West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Maine, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, South DakotaOklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana.

More Domestic Travel

Dig for diamonds in Arkansas.
Visit Yellowstone Park. (Planned for 2017)
See Glacier National Park while it still has glaciers.
See the Grand Canyon
Take a cruise down the Mississippi River (Eh, waivering on this one.)

International Travel

Other places on my travel wish list: Australia and New Zealand, Turkey, Morocco.
Walk a portion of the Great Wall of China


Take a hot air balloon ride
Give a rocking keynote speech
Start a family foundation
Become a bat mitzvah
Hike in the canyonlands
Go on a volunteer trip
Host a monthly gatherings in my home (more of a 2015 goal?)
Host a neighborhood cookie party
Take a yoga class or find a yoga DVD and do it (2014)
Invent something cool
Take grandkids (if/when I have them) on a family vacation every two years
Bake a double layer cake and maybe the creme de menthe pie my mom used to make
Bake my mom's carrot cake at Thanksgiving as a matter of habit (I made it and it wasn't as good as I remembered)
See the aurora borealis
Make a life list
Go on a flying trapeze
Learn to solder (technically completed, but I'm not good enough to check off)
Go dog sledding
Roast marshmallows over a volcano
Train dolphins
Throw pottery/take a pottery class
Go glamping
Have my writing recognized
Take a trip in a RV
Bake cheesecake
Make a batik shirt or cloth
Design a fabric
Learn to program Arduino (or Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone or another microcontroller)
Learn to code in at least one program (other than BASIC) (I'm working on Python now, slowly)
Appear on TV
Complete a 5K (I've done 3 at a run/walk time roughly 43 minutes)
Witness a space craft launch
Spend a night (or more) in a yurt
Attend or host a women's seder
Attend a taiko drum concert
See a corpse flower in bloom
Rent or buy a cotton candy maker and serve cotton candy to a group of people I like

States I have spent at least a little time in:
Hawaii, California, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Iowa (Dubuque), Illinois,Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Washington, DC, Utah, Virginia, Florida, Alabama (drive-through), Mississippi (drive-through), Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, New York

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