Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Exciting news!

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Pikachu made it into the Gifted Academy's Geography Bee! Read all about it at Momformation.

Oh, and I'm mentioned in the 1/17/08 issue of the Christian Science Monitor in an article about mombloggers and the auto industry. People who are not familiar with this paper and its excellent reputation get a little thrown off by the name. That group includes my boys...and my mother. For those of you who don't have time to make it to your local CS reading room tomorrow, just click.

Did you know the Chicago Auto Show is only a few weeks away? I just found out that my blog sistah Devra from the DC Metro Moms Blog and as well as Mommy Guilt and Parentopia fame is coming to town for the show. If she can extend her stay I promised her I'd let her sleep on our musty basement couch* and watch enough Moldofsky home videos to last a lifetime (cuz who knows when I she'd ever get a chance to see them again?) and I promised to make her these:

*Kidding! The couch is not musty. It's only a couple of years old. DH always reminds me to Respect the Couch.

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Devra said...

I'd like to eat those challahs now! YUMMMMMMM