Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cleaning where the sun don't shine

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I've spent the last two days in the fog of a relentless headache, but it's finally clearing. Speaking of clearing, I've been doing a lot of clearing out and wiping down at Chez Moldofsky.

For some people Spring Cleaning means wiping the windows and waxing the floors, but for me it means digging deep into the spaces nobody sees. Which is odd that I'd spend my time that way, especially considering the improbable blob of bird poop stuck to the picture window outside of the living room. (How did it get there? Its placement seems physically impossible. Like this guy in the suit doing a trust fall.)

I'm cleaning out closets and junk drawers. I'm stowing away the mittens and scarves and breaking out the beach towels even though summer, like the bird poop, seems a physical impossibility given our recent weather.

I've amassed piles of clutter, some of which I might try to sell via Craigslist. We sold my car that way last year. (Oh, and check out Meagan's nearly creepy Craigslist encounter.) I'm going to do a guest ClutterCast soon, but likely I'll drag much of the stuff (some of it's good) over to the resale shop, the path of least resistance that pays in its own way because we get a tax deduction for our donation.

I'm also digging into my old work files. Oh, my precious files. I used to develop programs- training programs, not computer ones-and I have loads of files on listening, goal setting, communications, team building, you name it.

Sure I've culled them over the last decade, but this week I looked at them and knew they no longer serve a useful purpose. And if I do need any of the information contained within, chances are I can find it online.

That said, a few bits and pieces caught my eye, caused me to reflect on where I've been and where I'm headed. A few of the papers I came across made me think and might even provide good fodder for this blog.

Still, I must have recycled a tree's worth of paper today. And I think about what Oprah's clutter-guru says. When we clean out our clutter, we make room for something new in our lives. I can't help but wonder what's in store for my family with all this space I'm creating.

Along with all those papers, I have a good number of team building supplies, or props. I cleaned out a bunch last fall and gave them to the PE teachers at school. This week, I decided to whittle down my collection even more. However, I still felt compelled to keep two dozen squishy balls, half a dozen Koosh balls, five 20-foot pieces of webbing, and two parachutes. After all, if a bird can poop on a vertical surface and the Mother Nature can deliver summer, maybe I'll be facilitate another team building session some day. (It was fun work. These pictures are from my long-defunct corporate teambuilding website.)

Speaking of long defunct, after six months of unemployment, DH starts a new job tomorrow. Can I hear an "Amen?" Sadly, it's only a temporary gig, but it seems like a great fit and it will be nice for him to get a proper paycheck, if only for a few months.

And speaking of cleaning where the sun don't shine, I don't want to disappoint you if you came here with, you know, certain expectations, so check out this scary/funny post at Red Dirt Woman. Two clues: 1) Lysol, 2) douche.


Anonymous said...

You're inspiring me to clear out some of the dark spaces in my home mainly my scary storage room AKA craft supply room.

You are very right about the information issue - most if not all of the info I have amassed in books, mags and articles could probably be found online!

Good job on all your cleaning and thanks for the Reddirt Woman link, funny reading!

Kristina said...

YAY for DH's job. Temporary could turn into something longstanding.

And yay for your clutter busting. I always feel so much better when I get the unneeded stuff out of my house.

ChefDruck said...

Oh how I wish I had done spring cleaning these last 5 years, our massive decluttering wouldn't have been so painful. But now it's done and I resolve to be free of clutter forever more. That is, once I unpack the thousand boxes I have in my garage after we move.

Congrats on your DH's new gig!

By the way, I opted to not attend Blogwell (which was tonight) too much with the move.

Meagan Francis said...

I always wonder how bird poop gets stuck on vertical surfaces too. Like they fling it as they fly by or something.

Congrats on your hubby's job! And all that decluttering. Wow. When we move I am going to be brutal about what I keep. This year I've been pretty brutal about what I bring into the house in the first place; that's what my last move taught me (yeeikes).